Lookmove | 2019 | Byron Bay, Australia (Remote position)

Head of Product & UX / UI Designer

In charge of the product design, traffic growth & performance of Lookmove’s online platform, a Swiss Real Estate marketplace.

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Lead design (UX / UI)

I designed the overall user experience for all Lookmove users (property seekers and partner agents) with the concern of simplifying the real estate acquisition process.

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Performance Management

I strategised and deployed the tools and processes enabling a "Test and Learn" approach aiming to optimise conversion rates and the user experience.

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Traffic acquisition (SEO / SEA)

I generated qualified traffic through multiple digital channels such as PPC campaigns and SEO.

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Lookmove User Journey
UX Design

Multi-personas User Flow

Based on Lookmove strategic goals, I designed simple, enjoyable and streamlined services to all of its stakeholders in order to simplify a purchase, a lease or a sale of a property not only for the property seeker but also for the real estate partner agents in partnership with key users and shareholders.


UX Design


To user flows enabling a validation process with shareholders, I wireframed each step providing a visual representation of the user interface.


UI Design

Visual Design

I design pixel perfect User Interface design giving life to the wireframes.
You'll find below a few use cases among the 51 pages redesigned.

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Homepage | Mobile

I redesigned the homepage mobile based on UX findings. Classic tab components, highlight of the estimate feature and the order of the search fields have been reviewed.

Also, the advanced search has been added and the call to action label indicate now the number of potential results to the user helping him during his search.

Result page | Tablet

The main goal of this redesign is to allow users to access directly to the main filters directly through the new filter bar.

Also, this new version allows the user to search properties in multiple cities or/and in a geographical zone which is closer to the real use cases identified during user testing.

Finally, property cards have been entirely re-imaginated with a proper information architecture approach, simplifying property characteristics readability.


Property page | Desktop

The property page has been redesign in order to display main information above the fold. Also, a new call to action sticky component offers now the ability fo the user to contact and to call the property agent.

A split custom header (photos / map) has been design taking in consideration the reality of the data (low quality of some images) making impossible the full width use of most of the images.

Finally, a block content “Similar properties” has been added increasing internal linking (SEO) and alternatives to the users.

New agents CRM | Desktop

I designed a new CRM for real estate partner agents offering them the ability to manage their leads, contact the customers and edit their public profile.

New agent dashboard