Venuemob | 2017 - 2019 | Melbourne, Australia

UX / UI Designer

I took part in the development of the first online booking platform dedicated to Australian event planners and venue owners by designing the overall user experience of the marketplace, simplifying the venue booking journey.


🏆 Australian Event Awards 2017 Best Product!

UX & Service Design

Marketplace User Experience Design

I designed the user experience of the Venuemob marketplace platform for both event planners and venue owners. I modeled and prototyped new services simplifying the online event booking such as live availability, online booking, online event quoting, …

Booking User Flow
UI Design

Event planner booking website design

You'll find below some of the key features creating a whole new venue booking experience for all Venuemob event planners.

Venuemob - Advanced filters

Advanced venue search engine

Our function space search engine combines multiple venue attributes to deliver the most appropriate result set to our users.

Compare & shortist

The venue selection process is one of the biggest challenge an event planner could face, that’s why we give them access a real comparison table of their shortlisted spaces.

Venuemob - Shortlist
Venuemob - Pay deposit

Multi Level User Commitment Handling

Because we know every event is different, we offer to our users the possibility to progress at their pace with venues: from a simple enquiry to a non-prepaid booking request or, for those in a hurry, they also can prepay online and secure their booking!

Venuemob - Homepage (after)
Venuemob - Venue page
Venuemob - Event list